Friday, July 21, 2017

Writer's Block

Well, here I am again, a year after my last post, trying to figure out how I have strayed so far from my blog.  It has really been on my mind as of late.  I think about it on Angel Babies' birthdays, when friends share things about their babies on social media, when parents speak of their Angels, when I see the Angel Steps logo sticker on my car (note to self: get more made), when someone references Angel Steps, when I share on the Angel Steps Facebook site, when I am spear heading Trey's service projects, when my receipt comes in each month for the payment for this site, and on Trey days.

So with all of this thinking, I am still not posting.  I have awesome ideas but life gets in the way. I am so busy "living" in the present it's hard to retreat to the past.  Yet, I don't think the past is why I started all of this.  I didn't want Angel Steps to become a lamented place and I think that, at the beginning at least, I tried to make this blog about living and loving through loss.  I am still living and loving through my loss and I still have some great ideas of what to write about.

That being said, I am an idea person which sometimes means that ideas keep floating out there because I am not all that skilled in follow through.  I need to start jotting my ideas down and taking time each week, or whenever I can, to transform these ideas into communication and healing.

Yes, I am still healing.  I forever will be.  Time does NOT heal all wounds.  Grief does NOT get easier, it just changes.  These are things I need to write about.  I am thankful for those who have stuck with me, supported my efforts, and encouraged me to keep at it.

You haven' heard the last of me...

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