Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's Been Awhile

I devoted so much time creating this blog in the wake of losing Trey.  As a matter of fact, I created this blog after chronicling my grief over Facebook as an effort to appease those who were afraid of asking me how I was doing. I told myself I would stop after a year but the response to my honesty and candor inspired me to create Angel Steps as a tribute to our son, in tribute to him.  In the years that followed I found peace in sharing the raw honesty of grieving my child and the blessings that came along with it.  

I was able to channel my journey through this blog throughout my pregnancy and experience with our daughter until she was about age 1.  That's when I got deterred from chronicling my grief journey with the excuse that I was busy with our living child.  It's no excuse.  I can't count how many times I have had a great idea for a blog and never followed through.  So many wonderful outlets and opportunities wasted because I was "too busy".

To that end I apologize to those who appreciate what I have to say, those who identify with my journey, and, least of all, to myself.

I often sit by myself having conversations with Trey or with the universe.  These are things I want to say to everyone but I feel selfish in taking HAPPY time away from my family and my husband to steal away time to express them.

In my time away from this blog I haven't been blessed to celebrate so many rainbow babies and tributes to Angel Babies but I have not shared them.  After all, this was my vision when I created Angel Steps.  In my time away I have even had to change the website name because my credit card expired and somebody claimed my original domain.

I only have myself to apologize to yet hold myself accountable for.  Life has brought so much stress but, more so, much fulfillment since he grew his wings.  He is forever with me through every hill and valley, every volcano and hurricane.  And that is what I have been focusing on but there is still a plug I have put in place in regards to my sorrow over our son and my expression of it.

Things have changed.  My grief has changed.  My faith has changed.

My love for him will only grow.

I need only share it more.  Take the time to heal through my own words.

In time...