Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The ABCs of She

She ADORES her Big Brother Trey.
She BELIEVES he will grant her wishes.
She COLORS pictures of him with us.
She DREAMS about him living with us.
She EMPATHIZES with our sadness.
She FEELS sad about him too.
She GIVES him kisses.
She HELPS decorate his Christmas Tree.
She IS his Little Sister.
She JOTS down his name.
She KNOWS he catches released balloons.
She LOOKS at his pictures.
She MISSES him.
She NEEDS to know about him.
She OFFERS him a spot on her bed.
She PARTICIPATES in family remembrance of him.
She QUALIFIES his existence in our family.
She REQUESTS him to help her.
She SAYS his name.
She TALKS about him.
She UNDERSTANDS that he is now longer sick.
She VISUALIZES him in Heaven.
She WANTS to know more about him.
She EXPECTS to see him in Heaven.
She YELLS jokingly at him when something that happens is strange.
She ZEROES in on the love she feels for him.