Monday, March 17, 2014


Trey would've been

in Kindergarten in the Fall
reading to his sister
playing a sport
on the swim team
looking forward to loose teeth
fluent on the computer
making rockets with Papa
glad to help as a big brother
acing Pre-K
learning everything Daddy knows (which is a lot)
practicing gifted skills with Mommy
playing with neighborhood kids
adding and subtracting
playing outside by himself
enjoying his favorite cartoons
eating his favorite foods
asking to do his favorite activity
obsessing over learning everything about a certain topic
able to tell you what he wanted to be when he grew up
crushing on some girl (maybe)
helping with chores around the house
loving having his own room
kicking his sister out of said room
writing letters to Santa
picking his own Birthday party site
learning to tie his shoes
able to pick out his own clothes
correcting Mommy on her driving instead of Daddy
riding in his final booster seat
playing strategic video games
dirty after he played
coming home when the street lights came on
looking forward to riding the school bus
working to earn spending money
learning how to save
going to Disney World
choosing a best friend
wanting to be bigger
choosing a favorite color
able to choose his own hair cut
embarrassed by his parents at times
well mannered
having Mommy dates to practice being a gentleman
right or left handed
writing in his own handwriting style
telling us about his favorite animal
begging for his favorite pet
choosing his own room decor
still willing to give hugs and kisses
needing his Mommy and Daddy (at times)
reading and rereading his favorite book
watching and re-watching his favorite movie
ordering the same flavor of ice cream every time
fighting us on his bedtime


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