Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Do I Love Thee

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways

I love that your my son and my first born.
I love your name, your Daddy's namesake.
I love how you were born at the start of Spring.
I love your sweet little face, even though I did not see it through the tubes.
I love your blue eyes that you opened for me and let me take a picture.
I love your tiny hands and fingers that your wrapped around mine.
I love your tiny toes, chubby like Mommy's
I love your soft and skin and that I got to caress them.
I love your tender cheeks that I nuzzled with my own,
I love your long torso and short legs, just like your Daddy's.
I love how your heart rate when up when we were near even though it worried me.
I love your dark soft hair which would've surely had curls.
I love all the time we were blessed to spend with you no matter how hard it sometimes was.
I love the way you were peaceful when we read, sang or talked to you.
I love the way you felt in my arms.
I love the way you settled into your Daddy's embrace.
I love how you enjoyed your first bath.
I love you copping an attitude on the ride to the children's hospital.
I love how serene you looked while sleeping.
I love your stubby little nose that I gave Eskimo Kisses to.
I love the proof that you were alive in the beeping machines.
I love how you waited for us to be ready to let you go.
I love your determination to live despite the odds.
I love and strive to have your level of bravery.
I love that you listened to me and went home to Heaven.
I love how you inspire me and so many others.
I love how happy you make me when I think of you.
I love the tears I cry for you as they reflect my love for you.
I love being able to talk to you and feeling that you are truly there.
I love feeling your kisses in the wind.
I love feeling you nearby.
I love knowing that you watch over your sister.
I love it that she is starting to know and love you the way we do.
I love hearing your name from everyone who loves you.
I love your many nicknames like Trey-Bay and Trouper.
I love the songs that remind me of you even though they are sometimes hard to get through.
I love that you share an Angel Date with my hero Martin Luther King Jr.
I love saying that I have two children even though you are only with us in spirit.
I love reaching out to other Angel Parents as a part of your legacy.
I love doing service projects in your name.
I love that you were cared for at Children's Healthcare with dignity and respect.
I love that you fought for life without us knowing how sick you were.
I love that you were knew to be born early so that you would be safer.
I love thinking of you in Heaven as the age you actually are.
I love that you get to be with all of the people I love in Heaven, especially Mucca.
I love the thought of you helping other Angel Babies that enter Heaven's Playground.
I love that there are so many things to love about you that it would take me forever to list them.

I love you to infinity and beyond my dear son, always and forever.

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