Friday, March 28, 2014


fingers to touch
years of bedtime stories
years "Good Morning"
toes to tickle
Angel Dates
Trey Days
hugs at daily pick-up
years of blogging
years of mourning
years of surviving
Father's Days
Mother's Days
rooms upstairs, one empty
senses to explore
Halloween costumes
school days in a week
years of pictures
the sum of your birth date
years sympathy
pieces of furniture in your room
members of my dream family of 3 kids
my lucky number
members of our family before you, including pets
family members when we had you, including pets
days in the hospital for your birth
time my water broke
years I have missed you
weeks Daddy took off work to be with me
lanterns we'll release on your Angel Day
service projects for you
oceans you would've explored
Great Aunts on Mommy's side
Great Uncles on Mommy's side
Great Uncles on Daddy's side
summers at the pool
 Grand "Neighbors"

years I have loved you...

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