Friday, July 5, 2013

Wet Grass

Whenever I am "in it" I always love sitting in the grass, it may be a southern pleasure for some but it's a rejuvenation to me.  Feeling that natural life under my body grounds me.

Which brings me to today.  I went to the funeral of a 14 month old, the son of my friends, and all I want to do is sit out in the grass.  The only problem is that it has been the rainiest Summer EVER!!  The grass is wet, not by the morning dew but by the rains that provide for the very life we live.

Yesterday, my husband ran the Peachtree Road Race and it was quite rainy.  Lorelei, my friend and I had to trek through a park of mud to get to a spot where we could watch him and one of my best friend run in the annual 10k.  The rain felt like a blessing to me, I didn't mind the mud I walked through, I didn't avoid the puddles.  I wanted to walk through the physical mud because it can wash away.  The mud of life, the sticky stained mud takes a while to wash off will forever nourish the skin of our souls.

So this is what I am saying to myself now, why am I not in the wet grass? Wet clothes can dry and so can hearts, those are soaked with the trials of life.  If anything, basking in the evidence of rain cleansing the sorrow you are trying to avoid.

It rains now and, don't mind if I do, but I will let the rain fall on me as I sit in the cleansing rain that has already fallen.

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