Saturday, June 1, 2013

Whittling and Fiddling

I never really learned the proper way to twiddle my thumbs.  I can turn my thumbs the same way but trying to turn one clockwise while turning the other counter clockwise.  But who cares?  Why spend your life on meaningless tasks?

Speaking of meaningless tasks, when I was in Girl Scouts and went to camp, they taught us how to whittle sticks.  It is an interesting craft and I found myself enthralled in the OCB of it all.  I wanted to break down the wood and reach the life but that too fell by the wayside after awhile, after all who wants to spend their lives breaking life down.

Too often we spend our time twiddling our life away, wasting needless time on things that don't matter.  Similarly we often whittle life away and as humans it seems either we enjoy it or we do it on purpose.

It is not until we have truly experienced life, or the loss thereof, that these things fall on the wayside.  I am not saying we all waste our life on these practices literally but I think of the ways that I still twiddle and whittle my life away.  Personally I spend way too much time worrying (whittling) and playing internet games (twiddling) that I often tune out what is really important.

Now I am not saying that these things do not bring us solace in ways that allow us to defuse our stressful lives.  Angel Steps was created by my time on the internet and sustained by social media.  But I have to analyze how often I opt to spend time on the internet or watching my stories rather than taking in nature, whether it be taking a walk or tending a garden.  Both of these activities counteract the whittling and twiddling of life.  What is life if we don't soak it in?

I have spent this entire school year stressing and focusing on doing what my boss wanted me to do which steals away from who I truly am, from living as me.  My husband has shooed my daughter away while I worked endlessly to perfect my lesson plans in the eyes of someone who expected me to read her mind.  My husband would call this "letting someone live in your brain rent free".

Don't get me wrong, we all do what we have to so that we can succeed in life but the fabric of life is not success it is truly living.

Thus far the lessons in my life have taught me not to waste time on the things that don's fulfill me in some way.  I relax just like the normal thing but I cannot sink myself in the vices of life that sink so many into oblivion. These distractions weigh us down making us whittle and twiddle life away and before we know it we are old and still bitter with the hand life has dealt us even though we are the masters of our own destiny.  Even I am human and always learning.  I often turn to my vices when life gets too much and I want to numb my stress.  It never works, it's only a band-aid.

The truth of life is if you truly value life, you are truly living!

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