Friday, June 28, 2013

A Song In The Works (new lyric)

I've always wanted to write a song dedicated to my boy but also my journey.  The idea started when I met Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, my favorite housewife.  I dreamed of having her co-write my song and produce it with me.  I have encountered so many musicians since then and have wanted to make my vision of a song come to fruition.

I would like to chronicle the making of this song as I have just recently secured a solid lyric.  Still don't know what I am doing.  After losing Trey I suddenly gained a writing ability some have said but lyrics are new to me.

So here is what I have to start with:

"When you came into my life I carried you like I knew you, not enough to lose you."

Then there has to be something about his eyes.

Your eyes held the world, your soul holds my heart

We don't mourn the ones we have lost, we mourn the ones we love.

None of us have a parking pass in this life so we have to keep moving.

Your heart is where I go when I need strength.

Our time together was short but it will live with me forever.

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