Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Years in Heaven on 4/4/1+3

So the number 4 creeps into my life once again with it's tail between it's legs.  During the time of Trey's short life, the number 4 resonated, from his time of birth to his time of passing.  Everything was connected to the number 4.  My lucky number has always been 5 but 4 trumped it in the depths of our grief. 

This year, Trey would have been 4 and this year he had hi 4th Angelversary.  At this point we are a family of 4, John and I and our 2 children.  Months ago I decided that I wanted to try for another baby, no doubt to get back to my lucky number 5, after Trey's 4th Birthday.  I could have started earlier but I had a strong feeling about Trey being 4 and waiting until after that birthday.  I want so badly to turn our Earthly family into a family of 4 so I can reclaim the number 5 adding Trey.

But that 4 is a sly one.  My husband has gone back and forth about having another child.  Is 4 waiting in the shadows to plague our lives forever?

It is in my soul and every cell of my body to have 3 children, I have dreamt about it my whole life.  I still feel that a 3rd child is in my future, I see him/her (but mainly him) standing with Trey waiting for the right time.  This same decisiveness plagued my hopes and my husband's heart after we lost Trey.  He was shell shocked by the loss of his first born, his son, and by the birth of our daughter spent the first few months rocking our eardrums.

I always say to him my favorite line from the movie Steal Magnolias, "No one got anywhere by being scarred all the time." 

I feel like having another child is not only a service to our daughter, who would be an AWESOME big sister, but also a completion to our family.  It seems, selfishly, that things would come for circle for me with one more child.  Of course, as with Lorelei, I was not trying to replace Trey, just giving hope to life and the family we always wanted.  I can't give up on that.  When I see babies I yearn for another one of my own, despite the challenges.  I don't want us to be a family of 4, 4 has already intruded enough.

So listen up 4, I won't go down easily!  You've had the upper hand before but your days are numbered!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Commandeering For a Cause

When Trey was transferred to Egleston Children's Hospital, the hospital gave us a room to stay in so we could be near our son. We didn't have any toiletries to get ourselves freshen up with so we had to call on family and friends to bring us items to clean up with.

For this year's service project, I asked loved ones to collect UNOPENED toiletries to donate to the hospital so that parents can have less to worry about and will be able to freshen up and take care of themselves in a difficult situation such as having a loved one in the ICU.

Participants helped by contacting any one in the hospitality industry, medical field, or dentistry profession and ask them to donate unopened toiletries such as soap, shampoo, lotion, conditioner, etc. They asked dentists if they were willing, ask him/her to donate dental items such as mouth wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or floss to the cause. Those who travel a lot and are anything like me, "commandeered" any toiletries included in their room or ask the manager to donate.

They went to stores and bought travel sized items and donated funds for the project so that I can go out and purchase these items in their name.

572 shampoos
451 conditioners
559 lotions
22 miscellaneous items
5 toiletry sets
10 make-up bags
25 hand sanitizers
7 packages of tissues
753 soaps
67 body washes
120 mouth washes
20 shoe shining kits
20 shower caps
5 sewing kits
97 hair products
75 toothbrushes
42 make-up items
7 perfumes
101 tooth pastes
25 shaving products
20 feminine products
113 facial products
15 dental kits =


The Loot

After 400 had been sorted

After another 250 sorted

Another 200 done

After the first sorting session

Still have a lot to do

Getting closer to the end

Egleston's donations

The After math

Scottish Rite donations

Thank goodness I am done!

Business cards for both hospitals

Sweet Tribute

Gale is one of the followers of this blog and a LIKE on Facebook.  She makes balloons for special Angel Birthdays and Angel Dates ans releases them to the Heavens for our Angels to catch.  Please read her moving blog entry about making Trey's balloon today.