Sunday, February 17, 2013


At present I am looking at the desktop wallpaper of our computer that my husband chose.  To paint a picture, it is, what I can only guess is a sunset into an island horizon over the ocean.  In the image, the sun is rising or setting on the right side of the picture.   Also in the image the sun is reflected in a stream in the water yet it also shows a stream of light pointing towards Heaven. 

It's amazing to me that the sun, the source of all life, shines down on Earth yet still reaches for it's roots. 

This is a visual that gives relevance to our connection with our earthly home and the Heavens or solar system that enables our existence.

Now some believe in a god that created all that we know,  still others search the galaxy for other answers.  As for myself,  I am open to any reason for being, be it God or something else.

I was raised to believe that God, his Son and the Holy Ghost created everything we know as living beings.  Science says that a sudden serge of some sort enabled life to begin on our planet.  Still there are those who believe that other beings planted us here for a purpose unknown to us. 

The image that observed on my computer,  and my experiences with sun rises and sunsets, the connection with our world speaks volumes.  The very sun that is assigned to us fuels everything that our lives need.  It steers our moon's cycles which effects the ebb and flow of our tides and sometimes our spirits.  There are many other connections if one were to ponder,  but there is nothing in this world that does not thrive, either directly or via proxy, that can exist without the sun.

This brings me back to the image I examined tonight.  It seemed like a hint to us of such connections, if only we would stop long enough to view and consider it.

That leads me to the thought of the connection to those we have loved and lost.  The sun is ever present, it connects us to all we know,  both physically and in the abstract.

I embrace the connection, no matter any theory behind it, due to the beauty of it's vision.  I want to believe that those we have love but have passed on connect with us through sunbeams, a warm light, physically and spiritually.

I feel hope in the connection.  It doesn't matter the theories, it's the belief.

I wanna be the one who walks in the sun.

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