Sunday, February 10, 2013

It may sound crazy but...

I speak to my son almost daily and he answers me.

After losing Trey, I eventually envisioned him holding the hand of a small child.

Every time I do envision him in Heaven he is the same age as he would be on Earth.

I believe when he got to Heaven God told him to take his time and find the soul of his sibling.

I know in my heart that he greets every Angel Child that enters Heaven.

I know that there is a bond between us now that I feel guilty about not having while he was here.

He served his purpose so that I could serve mine for him.

My friends who are Angel Parents have Angel Babies who are best buds with Trey.

Trey's most important purpose is in Heaven.

My son was distant from me during the holidays because other Angel Babies needed him.

He held on until we were able to hear the truth and let him go.

During his life he felt pain, not physically, he watched us suffer over him.

He plays in the trees in our backyard, but sits under the tree my neighbors planted in his honor.

Our dog Finnegan wants to go outside all the time. There, he stares at the trees.

Trey chose us because we wanted a child so badly.

Our son sent extra smiles and love down with his sister.

Lorelei babbles a lot to one corner of her room, seemingly talking to someone.

We were meant to have him and thrive even in his loss.

He is not done with his work here on Earth, but it won't be long.

He is proud of what I am doing in my life to honor him.

I felt my son physically touch me when I have mistaken it for something else.

House guests have heard a giggling child running up and down our hall.

Lorelei knows more about her brother than we realize.

He will come back in our lives where we least expect it.

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