Wednesday, January 2, 2013


No one really understands what it's like to live with the loss of a child, in ANY stage of life, unless they too have lost a child.  For those of you who have never lost a child, here is the reality:

Look at your children, look deep inside them, all of the memories, the milestones, the plans you have for them, the hard times, the good times, everything you're proud of, everything you wish you could better.  Remember their birth(s), their firsts, their personality developments, your Mommy Daddy moments, your sleepless nights, your amazement at their accomplishments, their relationships with loved ones, their schooling, their passions, their relationship with you and the relationships with the loved ones they adore.  Imagine your bond with them, your journey with them, your pride in them, the guidance you provide for them, the trying discipline moments, colic, birthday parties, the compliments about them, holiday memories, their exploration, the pictures taken of them, dreams you have for them and the disappointments of those dreams that led you to believe in their choices in their life.  Recall the number of diapers changed, the amount of money spent, the measures taken in the name of safety, the sacrifices, the blessings, the memories, your regrets, your triumphs, your plans to spoil your grandchildren.  And there is always the worries, the video tapes of various events, the battery operated toys that are so hard to open yet bring your children such joy, traditions, the love, the hugs, the booboos, and the bond you share.

Now imagine your kid(s) not here...

Or never having those moments at all.


  1. It's too hard for people to imagine unless they walk in the shoes that no mother wants to walk in. Feeling the loss with you xx

  2. That's the point, so many are quick to judge our grieving process based on their own experience with losing people other than their children. They can't create this image in their heads because this not their reality. Hugs to you. Thanks for reading!