Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hail to the Full Moon

Hail to the full moon
As it shines brightness on our deepest dark
On our obstacles is casts shadows
Freeing us from bondage
It reveals planets
When we feel so small
It gives us hope
That we too can become whole
Seeing its fruition
We have evidence
That everything comes full circle
We gaze at the moon
Knowing we too
Will be renewed again
The sun rays it reflects
Will be brought to us
With the dawn of a new day
We are transfixed by the light
When our very world
Is so dark
Its light fills a void
When sorrow is the dark
Even when we reach for the light
We only see it in the moon
When our skies are dark
And the stars are
Our only companions
It is a reminder
That the brightness
Of happiness is possible
Even the bravest of us
Can attest of wanting light
In the permanence of shadows
That cloud our lives
Our judgement
Our thinking
Our hearts
In the midst of all of the this
We can rely
On the full moon
To a beacon of peace
A reliant companion
A promise
In the cycle of life

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