Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Grass

There are times when anyone who mourns gets "in it", as described in a movie, I can't quite remember which, being " in it" refers to being in the state of being in an intense state of thought, reflection, introspection, and/or contemplation over one or more subject matters.  Usually these "in it" moments are matters of the heart and require such time.

When I get "in it", especially when it's warm, I like to sit or lie in the thick grass in my yard.  I love the feeling, both physical and spiritual.  As I lie in the grass, the living blades prickle, tickle, cool, and caress my skin, they remind me of life when I am sunken in grief.  Out in the grass on the dewy lawn, I breathe fresh air and gaze at the stars, the very stars that the angels sit on to watch us and bring us comfort.

I lie on the grass to breathe deep and find peace.  There IS peace in life if we wait and look for it.  Feeling the grass under me reminds me that life goes on no matter which state it is in, be it in the physical world or in the spiritual world.  Though Trey's life on this earth was short, the life energy he could have had lives on through those of us who love him, he changes us and makes us live better.  Eventually life cycles around again through the harsher times just like the seasons but it is continuously moving.

Winter is the hardest time for me to sink myself into the thick, calming blades of grass, the weather is so cold, chilling me the was sorrow often does.  But I hope to still visit my place of peace, wrap myself in love and a good blanket and know that better times are ahead, life keeps on moving, each experience - it may seems like the end - brings us new life and new purpose.

It's amazing how the little things in life, like lying in the grass like we did when we were kids, can renew our spirit, feel the love, live the peace and keep on moving with the circle of life.

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