Saturday, July 14, 2012


It amazes and surprises me sometimes the little things in life that remind you of the big picture of life.

Case in point, to the left of my blog are my children's time tickers from Lilypie.  Trey's tracks the time since we lost him and Lorelei's tracks her age as she grows.

Last week I tried to update Lorelei's ticker to track her progress towards her 2nd birthday, as her first year ticker had timed out.  It's funny as I think of her timing out and Trey's continuing, isn't that ironic???  Anyway, I created her new time ticker but when I went to add it on my blog, something was not working and it did not transfer right.  WHAT?!?!?

I guess it's peaceful to relate the consistency of Trey's Lilypie ticker, things will always be the same for him, Heavenly Peace.  Alternatively, the ticker tracks days we miss him and everyday another day is added.  There's never a countdown or an end result or a new ticker to create.

Lorelei continues to move through the stages of her life, including her first birthday, and I find it ironic that I had trouble creating a time ticker for my living child.  The creation is easy (and fun) enough, even exciting that I am able to do this for her, yet when I proceed to put it on my blog apparently there are some "details" I have to fill in, I have no idea what that means...there ARE no details except that my baby is a live and I want the world to see how much she grows.

Today when I tried it again, the same thing happened so I tried to copy and paste the HTML but when I clicked on it I was presented with the message "file not found".  It's interesting to think that it takes SO much more emotional energy to grieve the lost of a child than raising a healthy baby, yet it takes more energy to create a freakin' widget for my child who is living than to keep up with the widget of the son that I miss.

Maybe I need a widget to manage the obvious, ironic, and far reaching connections in my life. I wonder how much effort that would take?

IT FINALLY WORKED thanks to switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer....hmmm

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