Monday, July 9, 2012


Balloons for Trey in Lorelei's 1st Birthday

The release of those balloons for Trey and his Angel Friends

Dear child, I know you are sad you let go of your balloon,
But an angel in heaven will be receiving it soon.
A child like you taken too early from this place,
Can you imagine the smile on his face?
He will look down from Heaven, his home in the clouds,
He'll get so excited waiting to catch it and feel proud.
Though you will have a lifetime of balloons with which you can play,
While angels up in Heaven can only pray,
That a sweet child like you will release such a treat towards the sky,
Though they know you hold onto them as hard as you can try.
Angels smile as they watch you live and play,
They wish they could join you each and everyday.
 Yet they can only observe and wish that they could be,
A child like you who can play in this life endlessly.
So sweet child, cry not for your balloon,
Smile for the angel that will be catching it soon.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE IT and you know i may not coment every day but i love your blog and your fb page i am sure you know i c all my self an angel firend like you are angel mummy i say im an angel firend so basicaly i have lsot many many firneds who are angels and i LOVE HAVING THEM AROUND ME and i love you keep up your great work and if anyone says bad stuff ill smack them hehehehe xxx