Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've Loved My Child Right From the Start

‎"I've loved my child right from the start,

A feeling that's filled my entire heart.

I went through the labor and suffered the pain,

For many long hours with nothing to gain.

I've spent sleepless nights being awake,

Though it's been a while my arms they still ache.

I've sat and I've wondered of how she would grow,

The love of my family that she come to know.

The sound of her voice as she learns to talk,

Watching her steps as she tries to walk.

I have a child that I really love so,

I am her mother yet nobody knows.

I've spent all those months watching you here with us

I've lived through it all and have nothing to show.

I don't get invited to chat with young mothers,

Because I don't have a baby like all of the others.

I've got some stretch marks that I'd like to hide,

but I don't have a pram with a baby inside.

The people I've known for so many years,

Avoid me now, which adds to my tears


I don't know how long I'll be feeling like this,

But one thing I know, my baby I miss.

When Mother's day comes it will be very hard,

I won't have any flowers, not even a card.

And just because she's not here with me,

I still have a daughter I wish I could see.

But one thing I know and this is for sure,

I'll be her mother forevermore!

- Author Unknown

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