Sunday, April 8, 2012

Into the Light

At first, grief closes our eyes,
Then it blackens the skies.
There is no light to show,
No path you know to go.

Then a small star shines bright,
A speck of warmth in the cold of night.
And on that lonely star,
Sits our loved one from afar.

Gradually, as time creeps by,
More stars join the one way up high.
Specks of light, love and hope,
Sent down to help us heal and cope.

And with each star that blazes through,
Comfort from our loved ones shine true.
Each star is a far away sun,
Encouraging this day and another one.

For even though we can not see the future yet,
And sadness resumes at every sunset.
The stars are proof that the beacon of life is there,
The days will get brighter and enough light to share.

The stars shine through our deepest blackness,
And bond together to send down happiness.
As our skies fill with those tiny lights,
We find that sunrises greet our brighter nights.

The brightest light of all shines through,
With each day that starts anew.
Though the clouds cover up the suns rays,
We know they are there in many other ways.

One day we will be called back Home,
To the place where all our angels roam.
We'll see the brightest light yet,
One that doesn't fade in any sunset.

Standing in that shimmer of pure bliss,
Are all of the loved ones that you miss.
The very ones who helped us survive
Who lit up our grief, and helped us to thrive.

We shall hold them there in the illumination,
The lack of darkness will be a celebration.
A release from the darkness we endured,
A respite sorrow that is never cured.

Basking in the beacon of our new found prize,
That's when we will realize.
That all of the darkness we experienced on Earth,
Proved us strong for what it's worth.

There may be sadness or darkness in our skies,
That's where our angel always flies.
Lighting every star and bringing up the sun,
To light up the path that leads us past the horizon.

- Sharon Chatham 4/2012

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