Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Wind

Everytime the wind blows I know you're in it.

When the weather is still, I feel alone, yet I feel you are busy being social in Heaven.

The wind cleanses me.

The wind comforts me.

The wind washes me of sad thoughts.

When the wind blows and the north star shines, my heart melts.

I love it when the wind blows while I am holding your sister outside.

LL feels the peace of the wind.

Watching the blooming trees move with the wind is breath taking, the beauty in addition to peace, sigh!

The wind blowing those blooms reminds me of your birth, the coming of spring, sadness yet celebration.

The wind at night somehow makes the stars shine brighter.

Wind before a storm helps me realize that I have made it through a storm.

Fall winds release leaves from the trees as it releases sorrow from my soul.

The wind passes through me.

The wind frees me.

The wind enables me.

Th wind makes me want to be outside a lot more.

I wish for wind everyday.

I want wind to free my heart of pain.

Your Daddy and I feel the wind the same way.

The wind brushes away all that is corrosive.

You are in the wind.

I feel you in the wind.

I love the wind

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