Thursday, March 29, 2012

Impacts for Trey 2012

This year's service project for Trey's 3rd Birthday is to make an impact on the world and/or their community donating to a charity, donating time or products, performing a random act of kindness, etc.  On this blog I will be listing the various impacts that people are making in honor of Trey.  Thank you all again for participating! 

  • Sadie will be giving her hair to Locks of Love!
  • Olivia is volunteering in her local NICU!
  • Jennifer is volunteering as a photographer with Stories of Autism!
  • Mandy gave her hair to Locks of Love! 
  • The Lephard family is participating in a charity run!
  • Rachelle is contributing to the Fight for ALS!
  • Mark continues to impact the world as an Armed Serviceman!
  • Alice M. gave used and new items to a shelter!
  • Ellen donated to her buddy with CHARGE!
  • Cindy is walking in the Color Run for Scottish Rite!
  • Lisa is going to reach out to 30 inactive CHARGE members!
  • The Gouteix family is donating books and movies to Scottish Rite!
  • The Herrera family gave bags of clothes and shoes to charity!  
  • The Nelson family is planning a family service project! 
  • The other Nelson family is giving out grown toys and clothes to charity!
  • The Fowler family is doing a service project on the 24th!
  • For Ella and Trey
  • Kathi is researching infertility in order to be a better support to those affected!
  • For Ella and Trey
    $5 of each purchase goes to CHARGE!!!
    After giving my hair to Locks of Love!
    Jeremy and Emily donating
     books and movies
    to a children's hospital!!
    The Lephard family fan in a charity run!

  • Girls of Graceful is raising money by donating $5 from sales of a special Rainbow Baby bow to CHARGE!
  • I gave nearly a foot of my hair to Locks of Love. 
  • Cathy gave FREE speech-language screenings at her local school.
  • Jennifer donated her time and talent to cutting my hair for Locks of Love.
  • Elizabeth is raising money for CHARGE in their Charge it for CHARGE campaign!
  • The Gagnon family is donating to Hope House, an outreach program that helps provide services to single women and mothers who are transitioning from domestic violence.
  • The Rivera family donated to a family in need.
    • The Smith family is donating to the CHARGE Foundation                         
  • I am helping the Smith family donate to CHARGE by selling my unused jewelry.
  •  Yolaine placed flowers on her Angel daughter Ella's beach and grave site, donated to CHARGE AND paid it forward in the supermarket!  Also thanks to Yolaine,  Trey has reach in Japan now: as donation to her friend's charity of choice for her Running Rica campaign: just in honour of Trey :)
  • Narelle Designs made this sun catcher for a beautiful lady who has four angels and she has such a ♥ of butterflies. It symbolizes her precious little ones as butterflies flitting from flower to flower, finally coming to rest in the garden ♥ in their mother's heart!
  •  Amanda donated a load of baby clothes, steriliser, bottles, 3 boxes of formula, nappies and wipes/toiletries and womens clothes and toiletries to a womans aid refuge for women and children who have had to flee their homes to get away from an abusive and violent relationship/environment as many leave with just the clothes they are wearing xx!
  • The Norton family is renting their house out and had many renters to pick from...they picked a mom of 2 little girls who lost their daddy/husband. Hoping their house will help her "start over."
  • Clare volunteered her services at the local food bank, to help unload the trucks on Wednesdays each week.....she is also reaching out to an estranged friend who she knows is suffering silently over a loss of a loved one. This is for you Trey!


  1. Maggie and Patton Fowler will work on a Service Project on Saturday, March 24th!

  2. Kathi Neidlinger is researching infertility and loss to be better prepared to offer authentic comfort those who bear it.