Friday, March 23, 2012

Girls of Graceful makes an Impact!

I decided I wanted my Impact for Trey to be a fundraiser. I wanted to wait to tell you and launch it on his birthday. You are an inspiration to me, I thank you and Trey for this.
I have included what I wrote about the story behind the fundraiser. I would really appreciate it if you'd read over it and let me know if it is ok with you and if it is all correct. I have also included a picture of Lorelei's Flower.
If you would rather donate to another foundation/charity please let me know.
"On March 23, 2009 my cousin Sharon gave birth to her long awaited baby boy. Though gorgeous and perfect, just as God had intended, Trey was born with CHARGE Syndrome. ( The wonderful doctors and nurses did all they could for him but the toll taken on Trey's tiny body was just too much and God called Sharon and John's beautiful boy home on April 4, 2009. Everyone's heart was broken. The family had a Celebration of Life for him by the ocean and released him to spread his love, life, and strength throughout the world.
Two years later,in July 2011, Sharon and John welcomed Lorelei into the world. She is an angel sent from God and from Trey to be yet another representation of their love and to help heal broken hearts. Just as beautiful as her brother, she is of course an incredible blessing. She is also very blessed herself for her brother is watching over her. Who could ask for a better guardian angel?
This flower is in honor of Trey and the rainbow colors are in honor of Rainbow Baby Lorelei. From the sale of each of these flowers, $5 will go to The CHARGE foundation ( to help research prevention and possibly a cure for CHARGE Syndrome.
Exact colors and patterns may vary but, just like every child born each year with CHARGE Syndrome, they will be beautiful."
Much love,

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