Friday, January 6, 2012

A Touching Tribute

So many people have criticized the Dugger family for bringing so many children into the world. I have even seen comments about her having too many children and that is why her 19th child was born premature and her 20th child passed away in utero.

What I see is a LARGE family with a strong faith and a strong family structure that many families do not emulate. Her fertility has proven to be a blessing for her and her family. So I ask those "haters" to consider the below audio before making judgments of others. She pours her heart out to her daughter that she lost, having an attitude that I could never attain. Her love for the baby girl they named Jubilee I can identify with. She lists the things she will miss in Jubilee's would be life and what a blessing it was to have her here, even in utero, for the short time that she lived.

I applaud Michelle Dugger for sharing her thoughts and feelings with her daughter and the world. Sadly, it gives a voice to the pain of losing a child at ANY age.

The Duggar Family - Jubilee Shalom Duggar

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