Sunday, December 25, 2011

She's onto us...

So the last month has brought the end of breastfeeding and the beginning of LL's holiday season.  After months of frustration about my supply, I gave in to my need for sanity.  I watched my supply never wane but her appetite grow and grow.  The appetite she gained from her father could not keep up with my supply, which, incidentally comes from an abundance of breast which some might assume a breast milk supply is equally abundant, NOT SO!!! The extreme Mommy's guilt has been thwarted by repeated attempts by my friends and family to assure me I gave her the best of my breast milk in the early months.

Also over the last month she has delved into the world of veggies and fruits.  No more are the days of nasty cereal alone.  The more solid food she gets the more she responds the spoon being "airplane" driven towards her mouth. She loves pickles, she'll suck the color out of them really, whether it's the cold soothing her gums or the new interesting taste, the fact that she loves pickles brings phallic comments from some, but brings nothing but adoration from those who are close to her. 

She has also started "sleeping through the night" more regularly, I put quotation marks around it because the minute I declare it she will wake up  three times a night, but if I disguise it with quotation marks, she won't be able to detect then defect it. I have also dabbled in simply laying her down in her crib to take naps instead of rocking her to sleep and hovering over her to make sure she stays asleep.  She has surprised me by playing a little, crying a little, then crashing out.

She's full of giggles and new noises while she attempts to roll over and put her feet in her mouth.  She enjoys working in her "office" (excersaucer) and insists on be held sitting up.  She knows just how to make us laugh and smile and how to get her way.  Yep, I'd say she's onto us!!

And I am enjoying every minute!!!

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