Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

LL has officially joined the family Georgia Tech tradition!  In the last month she has also been working on her signature smile which shown brightly as she donned her Yellow Jacket fan-ware!  She's very happy to be a Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia Tech and she's cutest, most precious fan I have ever seen!  She's too young to attend the games with Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle B, but she is DEFINITELY ready to wear our colors and talk to/yell at the TV while the game is on, just like her Daddy!  They say the first color babies see is red and she was VERY fussy during the last two Georgia Bulldogs games (they're colors are red, white, and black).  I am sure that by watching the Tech games, she is rapidly developing her recognition of yellow!  GO JACKETS!!

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  1. oh my goodness. that is the cutest little bee i have EVER seen! so adorable! i love that tutu!