Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Rainbow Baby Blog Rodeo

WHAT???  She got the catalog before ME??!?!?

This week Lorelei took her first trip to Mommy's favorite store : IKEA!!   This was big (more for me) as I just love this store.  I love it so much that I camped out the night before our Atlanta store opened and was the 11th person in line to enter the new store.  Also, I have been known to arrive at the butt crack of dawn to take advantage of a good deal.  My house is riddled with IKEA goods and my wish list for the store is a mile long (probably longer).

Anyway, back to Lorelei's experience.  She was able to pick up the newest 2012 IKEA catalog (which Mommy didn't even have yet).   She slept most of the time but I am sure she smelled the Swedish meatballs from the restaurant and she wiggled I her car seat solely to remind me to check out the "as-is" section. And just to prove she IS her mother's daughter, she cried on the way out.  She didn't purchase any furniture to assemble but she did leave with a toy!

I am sure there will be plenty more trips to IKEA but the first one is always the most special!

With her new toy "fabler mus"


  1. aww haha it looks like she had a great time at IKEA

  2. awe! The IKEA bug runs in the family. I am sure one day, I will be blogging about my baby going to IKEA for the first time too. :) Like mother, like daughter.