Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two Weeks...

Tomorrow, Lorelei will be two weeks old, one day older than her brother ever had a chance to live.  I thought that I would never lose as much sleep as I did in the 13 days that Trey was with us, yet I was wrong.  It's not the normal newborn woes that keep me awake at night and keep me from napping when she naps, it's the fear and the disbelief.  The fear that she will be taken from me too and the disbelief that she is here, healthy...thriving.  The hubby and I often just stare at her, specifically her face and more specifically her chest to watch it rising and falling as she sleeps.

Over the last two weeks I have wanted to write, yet the words and phrases are nowhere to be found.  I wish this beauty and bliss on EVERYONE, especially Angel Parents and those who struggle with fertility.  It's hard to describe what I am feeling and seeing everyday, yet it's painted in my heart and on the faces of everyone around us as they gaze upon her.  She is a work of art and work of heart, sent from Heaven, picked out by Trey.

So for now, I'll just share images that have been captured that have touched the heart of this Mommy of two babies, one in Heaven we were blessed to hold for 13 days and one we're blessed to have hopefully forever!

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  1. She is just a little beauty. And your feelings are just as indescribable as the rest of us. When I was holding her the other night, I would look down at her beautiful face, in amazement that she is really here. She is a true blessing. An answered prayer for you, and for us all.