Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Lorelei

Dear Lorelei,
I lay here in the hospital unable to find sleep as I am way too excited about bringing you into the world in a short time. It's like Christmas Eve, only we know what present will be.  Who knew when we woke up Wednesday morning that we would leave the house only to return with you, our daughter in a few days. I lay here needing my rest even as you sleep in my tummy, our last night of being together in one body. I will miss our time together.  Your brother's picture is on the shelf, daddy and I just had to have him here with us.  I look at his precious picture and hope you favor him, as he is so beautiful.  I keep asking him for strength, courage, and love, him being the epitomy of strength, courage, and love.  We are so ready to see you and hold you in our arms. You seem to be excited too, you've been very active in mommy's tummy ever since we got here, slowing down only recently.  Your family and friends are over the moon at your pending arrival, anxious for the latest news but that will wait a little while, it's time for rest.  It's after one in the morning now and I can only hope to fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of our big day Lady Byrd.  Like Dr.  Seuss says "Today is your day".  Sleep peacefully my princess, we have a big day ahead of us.  Give mommy and daddy a BIG scream when you come out. We've waited a long time to hear you sing.  Until then ma petite chou chou, bonne nuit et je t'aime., my little baby, good night and I love you!
Love always,

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