Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unanswered Questions

Below is a list of questions from parents who have lost their children, either through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal, or early childhood means.  Some of the questions are raw and honest, but all of the questions express our lack of understanding of why we buried our children instead of them burying us.  If you would like to add your question, please add it in the comment section below this post.  No names or screen names will be shared.

If prayer is supposed to always work, why didn't it save my son?

Why me? 

Why my little boy?

Why was I never given the option of seeing my baby after pregnancy was induced and my son being born, due to anencephely being diagnosed with my him........there has never been closure there, my baby would have been 27. Never had any answers from anywhere.

Why were we lied to for ten days and told our baby was making progress only to find out he was dying all along when we got to the children's hospital?  How can that doctor live with himself?

Will I EVER be relieved of the guilt of failing my child even when all evidence points to no fault on my part?

Why didn't I know it would be the last time I would see you? Why couldn't you tell me, somehow? 

Why was I born a woman and not given the chance to have a child to raise here on Earth? 

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  1. if you want to deleat this one you can but here are mine relates tmore to how i feel people react to my help or love

    Why is it when i say soemthing out of love some angel mummys or people dont take it the way i meant it to

    why do people say we dont understand when we do

    do we have to be angel mummys to understand the loss of a child the reason i ask is a couple people on one profile say we dont get it only babyloss mummys do but I as you knwo have lsot firends family grandpa in cluded and of course all the sweet charge angels we know

    why is it one persons reaction to how i offer words of advice make me worry bout wat im writing on others wall you are one of the others i worry bout my dear