Sunday, May 1, 2011

International Babylost Mothers Day

Today we honor the most unconventional of Mothers, Angel Mommies.  Even though their children are angels, they are STILL mothers!  Please reach out to an Angel Mommy you know.  Let her know her child is loved and remembered.  Tell her what a beautiful mother she is! 

Though I lose my petals
I am still a flower.

We grow together,
in a garden bed
of ash and tears,
heartbreak and love.
Whispered support blows
towards our delicate beauty,
crying nourishes our shared roots,
and the warmth of our compassion
heals the winter of our grief.

Though we have lost a petal,
we are still flowers,
lush and full together
in a garden of hope.

For Carly
-Angie M. Yingst

United in grief, we find love and strength.

IBMD recognizes babylost women all over the world as mothers. Just because a woman loses her baby does not mean that she is not a mother anymore. She will be a mother for the rest of her life.

On the first Sunday in May we come together to celebrate our connection, our children and our hope for the future. IBMD is a day for love, peace, remembrance and recognition.

If you know a babylost woman why not tell her today that she is a beautiful mother by sending here one of our flowers from The Rainbow Flower Gallery.

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