Friday, April 1, 2011

UPDATE on Trey's Service Project for his 2nd Birthday

We are so EXCITED to announce that during the month of March we ordered 37 bears  to be donated to ELLA's Teddy Program as donated by John and I as well as our family and friends.  Add to that the 3 that were sent individually by our loved ones and the 9 that I ordered today!  That's a grand total of 49 teddy bears donated to help Angel Parents and NICU Parents!  THANKS SO MUCH to those who donated to money and/ or sent bears up to Ella's Maman.  I can only imagine how proud our Angel Trey is of all of your efforts to help his Angel Friend Ella and her Maman.  Thank you SO SO SO much again!  

One 20 bears that John and I donated.
The box of bears John and I donated.
One of the second set of bears donated by our loved ones.

1st set of 20 bears
2nd set of 17 bears.

Both types of bears together!

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