Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Loss Poem

by Candice Mcglone

Baby loss talk i so taboo,
how would you feel, if it was close to you?
Would you want to talk and share in the joy,
of your baby's life, be it a girl or a boy?
Because a life is a life and a loss is a loss, matter what age, there is no cost.
Priceless they are, precious all the same.
It happened to me, then the questions came.
Now should i say i have two,
when really there's three?
Just because one isn't here now with me?
I love them all and treasure each day,
but one of my babies was taken away.
Up into the heavens, high in the sky
and for a long time, i'd sit there and cry.
Not so much now, as life goes on,
but, i will never stop singing her special song.
Today you can ask me, my answer will say
"Yes, i have children, but one couldn't stay"

-written for my baby girl
kyla louise scells
31/10/09 - 3/3/10

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