Friday, March 25, 2011

Tears of An Angel Boy

An Angel boy looked down from heaven, his eyes were full of tears
God asked him why are you so sad son, up here there is no fears
the angel boy, he hesitated and then came his reply
Dear god, heaven is beautiful but why did i have to die?

He then pointed through a break in the clouds down to earth where he could spy his mum
she is empty and so troubled and look what my trip to paradise has done
how can i be happy here when i see her head is aching
How can do my angel duties when i feel her heart is breaking

God replied

Wipe your tears angel boy, you once too have felt that human pain,
but yours a pain much stronger, that's what called me to you, for me to tame
your mothers pain is a human emotion that i cannot control
but i promise you my son, in time it will ease, but never go.

let her know that you are there always in her heart, never far
until you meet again someday, i promise you will, its written in the stars

The Angel boy then smiled a smile that only angels can
and gathered up some teardrops and clutched them in his hand
he gently dripped them down to earth to land softly on his mum
then blew away a passing cloud to dry her with the sun

His mother looked up to the heavens like she already knew
Thank you my Angel boy, i know your always with me, my love is with you too x

by Natasha Wright

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